Tips to Buy Shoes That Are Right for Your Feet

If want to keep your feet in good shape, make sure you invest in a good pair of shoes. But the million dollars question is how to find the right pair that will be comfortable enough? One way is to consider what you already have. Another way is to take off your shoes and step on a piece of paper to trace the shape of your feet. You can then use this paper to get the right size for you. Aside from this, make sure you take into account the tips given below. Read on to know more.

Buy in the afternoon

It’s a good idea to wait until the afternoon before buying fake yeezy. Actually, your feet expand by the end of the day, especially if it is summer. So, buying after the afternoon is a wise decision.


If you wear socks, make sure you put on the same pair of socks you usually pun on before going to the store. This is really important, so don’t forget it.


Make sure both of your feet are measured at the store. This is really important. Also, you may want to get measured each time you go to get another pair of boots. If one foot is slightly wider or bigger than the other, you should buy a size that will fit the wider or bigger foot.


Once you have got a good one, you should put the shoes on and stand on your feet. There should be at least half an inch of space between the shoe and your toes. This is a good way of getting the right size.

Walk around

You should feel comfortable while walking. Is there a little bit of room for your feet to move around a bit while walking? Your heels should fit snugly and they should not slip off or pinch. Some people think that they will stretch a bit after few days of walking, which is not right. Make sure you get a pair that will fit you from the moment you buy it.


The most important thing to consider is the comfort level, not the description or size of the shoes. Don’t just go for something based on the claim of the manufacture. You are the real judge.


Touch the inside of the boots to see if there are any seams, tags or other stuff that may cause irritation to your feet. This will give you a pretty good idea of how comfortable the product is.

Turn it over

You may also want to examine the soles to make sure they are sturdy enough. After all, you want to protect your feet against sharp objects while running or walking. There should be enough cushioning as well. For this, it’s a good idea to walk around for a few seconds.

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