7 Best Islands In The Bahamas To Visit 2021 With Photos

If you travel with friends, you can also rent a boat, but it will become considerably more expensive. It’s even more expensive than other parts of the Bahamas, so if you want an exclusive vacation spot, this is the place. The perfect postcard beaches, crystal clear waters and numerous resorts make the Bahamas a popular destination for millions of tourists every year, especially Americans on vacation and cruise. It’s one thing to make a list of places to visit, but one more thing to go out and customize all these extraordinary destinations on a tour of the Bahamas. Not only will an air map allow very fast travel between destinations, so you can see more and get the most out of your trip, but it also gives you the opportunity to see these beautiful islands from above, which is a truly unique experience.

If you just want to relax on a sandy beach and relax with a tropical cocktail, you have many options to choose from. Cable Beach and Jaw’s Beach are located near Nassau and are popular options. Gold Rock Beach on the island of Grand Bahama deserves the journey through crystal clear water, a beach of white sand and pure relaxation. The shallow water with perfect visibility also offers some snorkeling options here.

Monjack Cay, the most inhabited island, is known for its beautiful beaches. Also known as “Nunjack” and “Manjack” Cay, Monjack Cay is located north of Green Turtle Cay in the Abacos and is a perfect day trip destination. Grand Bahama Island is the most popular Bahamian tourist destination, where you will find vast clean white sandy beaches, land and sea sports and many cozy hotels. They consist of more than 350 islands and cays, many of which are uninhabited. The main island is Great Exuma and here you will find most hotels and luxury villas in the Bahamas. Exumas are also very popular with sailors who come every year to explore the hundreds of islands and cays.

Visitors can enjoy food at Bu’s Marina Bar for lunch, dinner with delicious rum punch. Despite swarms of camera tourists, Nassau, Bahamas, one of the most popular cruise ports in the Caribbean, fascinates visitors. Enjoy the white sand of Cable Beach, boutiques, restaurants, museums, the center and the caramel-colored colonial buildings of Bay Street and the Nassau flea market for souvenirs.

While it is true that you will find tropical beauty and unforgettable experiences where you decide to visit, there are certain destinations that simply cannot be overshadowed. Many of the Bahamas’ famous tourist attractions are located on the rose island boat tours bahamas Out Islands. This island chain shows the authentic Bahamian, virgin, virgin and completely virgin landscapes. Since there are so many to choose from, the best way to explore these islands is to jump through the island with Bahamas Air Tours.

For a more discreet beach holiday, head to The Exumas with its dusty white sandy beaches and incredible blue water. Surfers will enjoy the relaxing holidays in Eleuthera from October to April. The Berry Islands are a great option for travelers who practice sport fishing or spear fishing, or who simply want to enjoy the sea in every possible way. The Berry Islands consist of a total of 30 islands and are a haven for yachts and fishermen. Composed of islets and cays, there is not much in terms of tourist facilities on the islands, and only about 700 people live on Great Harbor Cay, the main island.

New Providence is only 21 miles long and is a great destination for anyone who wants to have fun, have fun and enjoy beautiful beaches and sun. New Providence is not just about having fun; There are some interesting museums and historical buildings to explore. If you’re looking for water adventures and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Exuma is the place to be! Wherever you go, tune in to “island time” and relax on the most beautiful beaches this part of paradise offers. The Bahamas are the perfect destination to relax and recharge your batteries. Think you have to handle multiple planes, taxis and boat trips to get to the beautiful beaches of the Bahamas?