6 Tips For Great Family Photos

Bare feet on the sand, the texture of the ground sugar, the scent of tropical flowers born from soft trade winds caress her skin, while the Maui sun Aloha calls for a new day in paradise. It’s just the perfect place to celebrate your wedding vows. And A Paradise Dream Wedding is the perfect choice to make your dream an unforgettable reality. Something everyone is thinking about is how to set a lasting record of every moment full of romance. If you surf our website, you will find useful tips for getting the most out of your wedding adventure in paradise.

That’s why I’m always looking for the moment that tells the story right away. I will take the time and capture every moment of your wedding Maui Hawaii Family Portrait photographer day as it unfolds. I use a technique that is partly photojournalism, partly portrait photography and partly sincere photography.

We are based in Lahaina, but we also travel to the Kihei-Wailea area. We use both natural light and flash outside the camera, a must to capture those beautiful Maui sunsets and the bright tropical morning sessions offered by morning sessions. Through photography I can connect with people who use beautiful light, different angles and creative composition to capture moments filled with honest excitement and beauty. My first priority is to give my customers beautiful images that they will appreciate. I like to photograph weddings and family portraits and it is equally important to me that you have a good time and feel comfortable being photographed. Maui’s photography sessions provide a wonderful background for any portrait.

An opening of f / 2.8 can make trees and shrubs silky soft, but it can make Uncle Bob look blurry at the end of the line. This is especially a problem when everyone is at different focal points. If you take this really seriously, I even heard photographers place cups along a picnic table to estimate the distances you’re starting to lose focus. Chances are they won’t get close enough even if they are family. Maybe it’s something from the American personal space, but it’s always been a problem for me and everyone in trouble really has a difference in the tone of the image. When families are physically close, it emits heat and visually shows what families should look like …

Amy knows how important it is to catch your family as they grow older. As a mother, she is now trying to document the details of her children and wants to help you do the same with your family. Look no further than Karma Hill Photography to commemorate your annual family vacation in photos. Our team of professionally trained Maui family photographers will take some of the most amazing family portraits of your beautiful family. Guests receive professional photos edited in an easy-to-share digital format, perfect for sharing with friends and family at home. Family portrait skills are essential for a photographer and are generally bread and butter for promising photographers.